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Introducing ‘The Sun Chasers’

Friends are the family we wish we had. 

Some people are blessed with perfect parents, siblings, relatives… Some aren’t. 

Some find the beauty in their unique families. And let’s face it. We all have unique families.

And some make friends with those who they wish were in their family. 

I believe in the saying that people come into our lives for a reason. We cross paths with each other, to help us shape our future. It’s all part of the journey we’re on. 

Some will be short term, while others will stay a lifetime.

Some will come and go.

My husband and I met when I was only 15 – he was 14.

Naturally knowing each other that long, meant getting to know each other’s circle of friends too. One particular mutual friend, Ken, decided to go back to our home country, Philippines, approximately 15 years ago. His family remained in Australia so he’s been back and forth since then. In late 2016, due to personal reasons he came back to Australia for a short period and this is the story of how The Sun Chasers was born.

Ok, well technically this was just a name I spun-taneously created after our first official catch up. Also, for clarity, we are not officially The Sun Chasers, this is just what I have called us for the purposes of my Blog and to create a series. Each of us are individuals doing our own things. We just happen to share the same passion. #WeLovePuns

My husband’s two brothers from other mothers (Ken and Devin), our son (Gabriel) and myself decided to take a journey together. 

To explore, create memories and have adventures. 

Our purpose was the same – to travel and explore new things; to share our love of everything beautiful by using our creative minds and to create a story from what we capture; and to be positive and happy. Our adventures were spent together. But the stories we told, were our own. 

Meet Devin | Devin Legaspi | creating videos for YouTube of his travel stories and his journey.

Meet Ken | @iphonogra_ph | capturing photos only using his iPhone and publishing on Instagram. He is a Traveller. Dog lover. Musicon. Coffeesseur. Wordnerd. Dreamer. 

Ken also has today launched his YouTube channel, called Iphonograph Channel, which will follow on from his Instagram page and will feature tips on how to perfect your snaps. Watch this space. 

He is also a “wordnerd” as he puts it and his blog can be found at iphonogra.ph

Meet my son Gabriel | Gabes Tube | 7 year old newbie on YouTube. Creating a channel for kids and sharing his love of drawing, origami, Star Wars, LEGO, gaming, art & craft, music, dinosaurs and being creative. After years of watching other children on YouTube, experiencing the adventures we’ve shared as The Sun Chasers and with his own bubbly personality, he decided that in 2017 he was going to create his own channel. #Goals

My husband prefers to enjoy the adventures by living in the moment. I admit, his photos are WAAAYYYY better than mine, but are rarely posted on social media. He simply enjoys the adventures for what they are, without feeling the need to share them with the world.

And then there’s me. The First Lady. The only lady. Snapchat is the name. Living out my #Godlys100Things is my game. Many ask why I post everything. Many ask what am I doing it for. Many don’t understand. If you feel the need, follow me on Snap @Godly153 with a current snapchat score of 10,103 (whatever that means)! Please tell me if you know that that score actually means!

Since November 2016, we have discovered some new places, some were hidden treasures. Others were simple beauties. We even conquered some fears. 

Personally, my journey was to soul search. I even managed to tick some goals and I definitely learned a lot from each experience and from each individual. #Godlys100Things @GodlysCorner

The next few posts will be about each adventure so far. I hope you take something out of it, that you can incorporate into your own life. And perhaps take the adventure on yourself and tell your own story, in whatever platform you choose.


Life is beautiful. 

Today is the day that you are living for. So make it count.

Tomorrow is not guaranteed. 

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take. But by the moments, that take our breath away.

Subscribe to my blog to be notified of when my posts are published. And keep your eyes out for The Sun Chasers series. 

For now, to wet your appetite, check out our creative work for the adventures we’ve had together and our own personal journeys. I guarantee you, it will be worth your while.

Until next time…

Keep smiling.


24 hours

I was fortunate to be part of something awesome today.

Something that made me feel good on the inside and out.
I was in my element: 

  • doing something for someone else,
  • helping people,
  • being active and on my feet,
  • constantly challenging myself,
  • and having fun.

At the end of it, I had a huge smile on my face. Exhausted but happy! Most photos were taken at the end and you can see the happiness in my smile.

Today, my colleagues and I were volunteering for a charity helping pack candle bags for the upcoming Woolworths Carols in the Domain event. It was a simple task but required hands and time. That’s where volunteers come in. I try to volunteer my time as much as I can because sometimes that’s where I can contribute the most. Charities need money, volunteers & resources to achieve their desired outcomes. I’m in a position to help as that’s what I love to do and I believe my purpose in life is to help shape the world.

It’s a small thing but I know there’s a roll on effect and there’s a bigger picture out there:

  • My time goes to charities who have products to sell;
  • Money raised from these products go back to the charity;
  • This money allows charities to help those in need;
  • Those who receive this assistance are better off in one way or another;
  • These people have the ability to pay it forward and so on.

It was nice to spend half the day with like-minded people (some of whom are in my reference groups). To encourage each other and learn from them was an experience in itself.

I can technically tick off 2 items from my list today but they are big ones for me and I’m not content that I’ve done enough to say “done”. It’s not about completing my list. For me, it’s about being able to say I’ve lived my life, my way. And that if I were to die tomorrow, I can say I did everything I could to be happy every day! 

For the curious ones and if you haven’t seen my list, I ticked off number 6 Volunteer and number 7 Help a charity.

These 2 items have been ongoing for me and I will continue to do them for the rest of my life. 

I don’t put my hand up for every volunteering opportunity that I come across and this event was certainly one that I thought about before saying “yes, I’ll do it”. The email came out and it said candle packing. Truth be told, I took this literally, as in we were going to pack candles into a bag. I thought how could this be helpful? Should I do it? Do I have time to do this? Will my manager let me take half a day off? Should I just wait until the next opportunity (as I can’t volunteer every time)? So many thoughts crossed my mind. I didn’t ponder it too long but decided to bite the bullet and here I am today – so glad I put my name down.

The reason I mention this is because I listened to a podcast the other day, which was about how to make a difficult decision, when you are in a low state? Like I mean this wasn’t the end of the world or anything life changing, but it was difficult nonetheless. Firstly, I knew I had another major event this week already. So this would mean 2 days off work and this would impact my workload and therefore have a flow on effect to my personal life, due to longer hours. That was the difficult part. But despite that, I went ahead with it anyway. I thought this was a small price to pay and my work and family will both be OK in the long run.

The thing that I took out of that podcast was the advice on how to make those decisions. One piece of advice was “think about the highest principle – which is love”. And if you think about it, I naturally made that decision because of this reason. I hadn’t even listened to that podcast yet when I decided to do this but my mindset was exactly that. The purpose was to volunteer my time for someone else’s benefit. To help people. And that’s what I love doing. So that’s why I ultimately decided to do it. 

So the next time that you have a difficult decision to make, maybe think about that principle. If you want to listen to that podcast, click here.

I feel like I was put on this earth to help people. I don’t know how yet but for now, I’ll just do it however I can. Today we helped The Salvation Army, who are helping Sydney’s homeless youth. I know at some point in my teens, I could have easily been someone who needed support like this, had it not been for the love and support of my family and friends. 

My last volunteering event through work was to help cook a meal for the community that attend The Wayside Chapel. An organisation who provide programs and services to the community. They ensure that the most marginalised members of our community have access to essential health, welfare, social and recreational services. That was such an amazing experience as well and a real eye opener. Today, I felt happy. Energised. Fortunate. Motivated. And all of these emotions came from packing candles. 

Which turned out to be hampers, including 4 candles for the carolling.



We can all say we don’t have time, but the funny thing is we all get the same 24 hours.

It’s about what you choose to do with yours.

In our group, we had everyone from my level all the way up to our General Manager. I’m sure his schedule was 100x more hectic than my 2 events this week but he made time. On top of that, he is currently in a boot due to an unfortunate ankle fracture, but he put others first before himself when he took his boot off so that he could wear closed shoes into the warehouse. Personally, I’ve been up for 18.5 hours and the alarm is due in 5.5 hours. But I won’t let that stop me from living the experiences that life has to offer. And I’m still so excited about it that I had to post this up tonight. 

My question to you is… What do you want to achieve in your 24 hours?


The BEST Ever! Part 3

I’ve always spoken about being the change. Being the one who acts to make this world better. But it’s not always like that. It is a give and take relationship too. In order to be more, we must also learn to accept and receive as well. And expect people to give back!

This came to me only today at mass. Our father is travelling overseas for 2 months and made an announcement at the end of mass. At the same time, he asked for our prayers – and I quote – “Please pray for me during this time. I pray for you all, so I expect you to pray for me as well.” Now I don’t know about you but this was true and although he meant it, it also sounded funny. There were some giggles from the congregation (me included) because even though this was serious, our father has a sense of humour and likes a good laugh.

So true though. Because we can’t always be the only ones giving. It’s not like I’m saying ask for things or if you do something, you can expect something in return. It’s more, about giving and taking at a different level.

Those who read blogs and listen to inspirational podcasts for example are a different bunch of people. Because let’s face it, not everyone has ‘time’ to read blogs, or even wants to read in general. Not all of us are the same and that’s a good thing.

But this is exactly why I do this. Because for the one person who reads this, I hope they share it with another person (not just by reading this) but through their actions. So that this other person can feel the change and then hopefully, they will reciprocate to a 3rd person and so forth. The same concept as pay it forward, but just live that philosophy. Rather than paying it forward to 3 people only.

That’s how I plan on shaping the future. 

My little blog here is travelling to many countries and I’m flattered that people have read it. If I could see what you are all doing with this, I think my heart would just melt. I’d love to read your comments if you have done something. Whether it be a tiny thing or a huge thing. We are all human and all deserve happiness and the best this world can offer. So feel free to share your happiness here. 😊

Since starting this blog, I’ve done some things that I never imagined I would do and it all stemmed from my blogging. It was a minor thing at the time but has blown out to something so much bigger. A real way to help shape the world. It may be small now but I have faith that this will grow into something worthwhile. It is now my project and I’m hoping to post some great news about this soon. I just want to have some more things confirmed before I do. Just know that I live the words I write. I’m not just preaching them. 

So to be The Best Ever, you have to give it your best. You just have to start and everything else will fall into place.

This project in a nutshell (and without spoiling it too much) started when I published my Change post.

Then the following happened without me realising it. 

  • I wrote about it in my Challenge Complete post.
  • I emailed the link to my blog to the GCC Founder and President, Glenn Riseley.
  • He replied to my email and I spoke to Glenn personally about my idea.
  • He helped me by publishing my Challenge Complete post on their website blog page.
  • I spoke to my son’s School Principal about the idea.
  • I emailed the CEO where I work to share with him.
  • I tweeted my idea on my work social media page to get support from my colleagues. 

And this is where I’m at, at the moment, but that all happened in a matter of weeks, in between working full time and my family life.

I wish I had more time to devote to this project but like all of us, we have responsibilities and bills need to be paid. But whatever comes of this, I will be proud that I did my best – not just for my son, for his school and my community, but for the world. This will be epic.

To be continued…

*Broken into parts because I have a lot to say. In the interest of keeping these short… This was necessary.

**Photo creds: Images from GetTheWorldMoving.com

– Godly –

13 July 2015

World peace… Yeah right?!?!


This weekend was a wake up call for me.

I sit in my corner and say how much I want to help shape the world. When I open my mouth these days, I self promote my blog because if I don’t, who will? So as I sat there proud of my achievements so far and feeling great about life, I hear my Goddaughter (and niece) say how much she loves studying ancient history. That’s great. But then she says how she doesn’t know about current affairs and things that are happening now. She said she doesn’t care, because – and this is what got me nothing’s going to change anyway. “We’ll never have world peace” she says. 

I was blown away by this for 2 reasons:

  1. I have hardly spoken to my Goddaughter which means I don’t know what she’s thinking. As opposed to her sister who I speak to a bit more who thinks I’m annoying. (I’ll explain that one in a separate post later).
  2. why is she so pessimistic and when did this all start? 

She’s a straight A’s student, who I admire for her dedication to her studies and is a model child. My polar opposite. So for her to think this way was odd to me.

This made me question her thoughts and I immediately directed her to my blog (which is the complete opposite of what she was feeling). 

Here I am trying to shape the world now so that one day my son will live in a place that is filled with love, happiness, peace (ok not necessarily world peace – but peace of some sort nonetheless), togetherness, unity, greatness and all of that kind of stuff. And this is not just for my son but for all of our children. For the children of today, are the future of tomorrow. The future presidents, politicians, doctors, carers, lawyers, bankers, specialists, officers etc. My hope is so that the world I leave behind is better than what we have today. I’m not saying the world is terrible now, but it can be better. 

I like to see myself as an optimistic person. So to hear a family member say this, saddens me. Her dad said “she’s like that” but I hope she reads this and can see that the world can change.

Recently, I was referred to Jonathan Doyle by my colleague (and General Manager) because I initially shared my blog with him. #SelfPromotingAgain. He advised me to listen to Jonathan as he has some interesting thoughts and that I may find it interesting.  

So this weekend I found myself listening to podcasts from Jonathan while I went about doing my housework. And one of them was about breaking negative associations

In a nutshell, he explains how people think about things because of negative associations and I can’t help but think that something happened to her to make her think this way. She must have tried to change something but it didn’t work out and therefore she thinks nothing will change.

So he explained the 3 steps to help break this mentality.

  1. Identify: choose a current situation that you have a negative association with. For example: What’s the point in exercising if I’m just going to be in pain afterwards?
  2. Brainstorm: create a new association. Using the same example above, how about exercising with a friend then going for a coffee afterwards.
  3. Allow time: it won’t happen the first time you try but eventually the new associations will override the negative ones. 

I have taken Jonathan’s advice on a different podcast ‘the bee episode‘ and finally picked up my cold iron kettlebells again. I moved them from the balcony into the office so that they are a constant reminder to pick them up regularly (hopefully daily) and change myself again and be a better version of myself again. Further to this, I set some goals on my goals tree and look forward to measuring them in a week/month/year to see how I am progressing. #Excited

We only get one life. Let’s make the most out of it. Who knows what’s around the corner. And if I don’t make it tomorrow, I know I’m doing everything I can today to live my life – my way! And I will die happy. #LoveLife

I achieved and learned so much this weekend, that I was able to get my thinking straight again. It started by listening to Jonathan’s podcasts, then speaking to my family and lastly shopping for the tags for my goals tree. It took a wake up call this weekend to realise that I was not as ‘on track’ as I thought I was.

Change is possible. And one of my favourite statements (which also happened to be one of my essay topics in high school) change is inevitable. 

A final word: This post is a dedication to my beautiful goddaughter (I do hope you’re reading this). I hope you can see that I am trying to change the world for you and every child out there. I know you’re 15 and no longer a child, but you know what I mean. Don’t be disheartened. Life is changing and life can change. You can live life however you want. Do what makes you happy! I love you. Xoxo

– Godly –
22 June 2015

Leaning Tower of Pisa

There’s something about Italy that excites me. It all started in year 7 back in 1996. It’s strange how it feels like so long ago – yet it feels like yesterday (all at once). We were asked to choose between French or Italian as our language elective. Being the odd one out, as always, I chose Italian. I really took a liking to the language and decided to continue studying it throughout high school – even into my senior years at a new school. As I’d studied it for 4 years prior, I was told at enrolment into St Mary’s Senior High (SMSHS) that I was part of the Italian Continuers class – with my friend who was in the same boat. It was fun. We were in a class of about 18 with the rest of the class being beginners. We thought we knew it all in class, until my HSC verbal exam when I realised I didn’t actually know much at all. Yikes. I couldn’t answer the questions they asked me in Italian simply because I had no idea what they were asking me. Had they asked me in English, I may have just had a fighting chance. #FAIL. I’m lucky that I was too short to be flight attendant! That was always everyone’s career aspiration at school. Well at least I came second in my class, out of 2. Some may say that “that’s looking at this as Glass Half Full“; others will just say “You came last!” Both are true but I still to this day look at it as glass half full. I always have and I always will.

I’d like to think that I’m a every cloud has a silver lining kinda girl with a positive outlook on things. Everyday is a blessing and it is guaranteed that we will face adversity but it’s how you see it, act on it and eventually come out of it, that I think matters.

At SMSHS, we were given the opportunity to travel to Italy for a class excursion with our teacher. Unfortunately due to many factors, money being the main issue, I was unable to go. I regret not making the effort of saving or asking family for help. I am the youngest of 4 and I knew we just couldn’t afford it, even with my part time job and the Government funding a small portion of it. I just didn’t want to ask my family – we were in no position for me to be on an overseas holiday. There were more important things like bills to pay and mouths to feed. 

This regret haunts me to this day and this is why it has made my list at number 87. Take a photo at the a Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Such an experience will now be one I will share with my family. I WILL go to Italy and see the Leaning Tower of Pisa (before it falls completely) and do that corny photo where I am holding the tower up on the falling side. And that really excites me. 


The other day I was running errands and saw a puzzle of the Leaning Tower of Pisa and I just knew it was a sign. I bought it because it served 2 purposes. 

  1. quality time with my son who loved learning about this amazing landmark; hearing about my dreams of visiting there one day; and the fun of building a 3D puzzle.
  2. it will now be front of mind and my daily reminder of my BIG dream, as it sits pretty on my kitchen bench, slightly bent.


I also wanted to do a mini product review while I’m at it. Because I wanted this blog to also serve the purpose of all things on life. Product reviews being a big part of life these days. Everyone wants something and a product review is a perfect way to find out from another consumer what something is like and whether to buy it or not. This of course comes down to personal preferences, own experiences and budget etc. But like I said in my first blog, this is just my side.


  • My fave thing about this is that it serves many purposes. It is now part of my decor, it could be an interesting talking piece when visitors come over and it’s 3D aspect is much more fun than the conventional flat puzzles.
  • It was also only AUD$12.50 and only had 13 pieces. 


  • This puzzle said + 5 which I assume means it can be done by a 5 year old. I’m 6 times that age and I had to do it 3 times over as the 5-step instructions weren’t very clear. They were written too simply that I just couldn’t get it to sit correctly on the grooves.
  • I did this with my 5.5 year old son who struggled with his heavy handedness to put this together without it falling apart.



    We had such a fun time building this and watching a YouTube video on why it was leaning in the first place that we discussed what our next puzzle would be. Of course it had to have something to do with dinosaurs. We are going to build a museum (if they have one). The next one will be his choice either way; and regardless, it will be lots of fun! 

    He loved popping the pieces out of their main board and popping the tiny windows and doors out from all the individual pieces. I think this should realistically take only 30 minutes to complete but I can’t say for sure, because it took me longer than that to finally get it right!


    This product is recommended for parents who want to share an activity with their child or anyone who has an interest in landmarks. Prices vary depending on the landmark and I guess how many pieces the puzzle has. There was an Eiffel Tower puzzle that had a different puzzle structure to this as well.

    Product details:

    • Product Name: 3D puzzle Leaning Tower of Pisa
    • Item No: CF706H
    • Distributed in Australia by Hobbyco Imports Pty Ltd
    • Ages: 5+
    • From Hobbyco 
    • My star rating 7/10

    I learnt so much from just a puzzle that it just goes to show that even something so minor/small/tiny/minuscule could be so fun and educational for both myself and my son. I love telling him my big dreams and hearing him say funny things like “Dad, did you know there were dinosaur fossils under the Leaning Tower of Pisa?”

    – Godly –
    9 June 2015

    Challenge complete



    The whole world must know what I’m about to blog about because it’s not called the Global Corporate Challenge (GCC) for nothing. 

    Ok – not the most interesting topic (for some) but I think it’s a good continuation from my last post ‘Change’.

    So this is just another one of those global things like the Tough Mudder and The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge etc. 

    However, it all comes down to the following:

    1. Our personal interests.
    2. Our choices and what we choose to participate in.
    3. Encouragement from our peers.
    4. What’s trending.
    5. How society portrays things.

    The GCC ticked all the boxes for me.

    1. I am interested in looking after myself, being fit and healthy and love a challenge. 
    2. I chose to participate because the GCC covers all of the things I mentioned in point 1.
    3. I chose to participate because my colleagues were doing it (covering points 1 & 2). The best kind of peer pressure. 
    4. This was trending and has been since 2003. But this is the first time I’ve wanted to be involved. Probably because I never really took my health seriously before. A part of me also thinks that my 100Things lifestyle change drove me to do more with life. Read more about it here. #Godlys100Things
    5. Our society encourages getting active which helps reduce unnecessary medical issues later in life, promotes good healthy lifestyles and better food choices. So this movement is a great motivator for the world to get moving as the website suggests. Which leads me to the change I challenged you guys to make in my 2nd blog. 

    Moving on (pardon the pun), my son saw my GCC Pulse and asked what it was. As you do when your 5 and a half and curious about everything. Naturally I explain that it’s a device that calculates your steps to encourage you to be ‘active’. I give him an example so he knows what I’m trying to say. He thinks about it and then asks me if he can borrow it while he runs around so he can see how active he is. I let him borrow it then he asks if he can borrow it for longer. I explained that I will need this for winter (as he wouldn’t understand yet the concept of 100 days) and I need it for work. 

    As we all know, kids these days are glued to their tablets and/or their parent’s smartphone. Don’t get me wrong, they are a great tool for keeping kids quiet in restaurants, in the car or even at home while the adults watch TV or go about their day. But we all know the difficulty of getting kids off such devices when they’ve been on for too long or it’s time for dinner/bed/homework etc. 

    So this gives me an idea. I was given 2 GCC Pulse devices for the GCC, so I thought, why not give one to him? So I come home from work yesterday and I say “guess what I have for you?” Immediately you can see the excitement in his eyes. I lift up my top slightly and show him the 2 GCC Pulse devices clipped onto my pants. His eyes light up. Wow – I was happy that he was happy. There was a 50/50 chance that he would be disappointed because he was expecting a toy or chocolate or something. But I got the complete opposite reaction. I was overjoyed. So I explained the reset button and the rules of our ‘game’. There was only one rule – who can have the highest number at the end of the day! Pretty simple but he loved it. Therefore, I’m happy.

    Normally, I would make deals with him (he’s a true negotiator). 

    Like for example:

    • If you eat your dinner, you can have dessert.
    • If you finish your homework, you can play on your iPad.
    • If you’re good this week, we can go and visit your friends.

    And the deals are endless. The current one being, get 2 awards and I’ll buy that toy you want. And funnily enough on Wednesday as we were walking out of the school gates, he tells me very loudly and proudly, that he got this week’s merit award. #ProudMum

    So this game did not require a deal. It was something he wanted. As soon as he got it, he ran around the dining table like how soccer players do when the just scored a goal. Then he tells me he did 38 steps. 

    So today was the first day he got to wear it for the full day. I explained it to him again last night and he fully understood. I clipped it on his school pants and this morning when he woke up, I explained it again just one last time (because I really wanted to challenge him and encourage him – in case he forgot he was wearing it). 

    Fast forward 8 hours.

    I was late for school pick up today as my bus came early and then the next bus was late. But that turned out to be a blessing because naturally he was the last one left. So I ran into his class room, apologised profusely to his teacher who was thankfully very understanding. Then I greeted him with “what’s your step count?” He excitedly looked down and checked. As expected, his was higher than mine. Don’t forget I have a desk job and he’s a kid. I’m not making excuses because I was pretty active today being Thursday Volleyball day so I had a higher step count today! But we all know that kids are full of beans and run around all day – so it’s expected that they have a higher step count. The silver lining here was his teacher saw the great work he did and also the encouragement I’ve provided him.

    I hope that maybe there can be a GCC for kids – what a great idea that would be. I mean, it’s not hard. Same concept right? Nothing changes. Except the amount of GCC Pulse devices that are manufactured. Kids all have the resources available to update their steps and they are all tech savvy enough to set mini leagues with their friends. It would also be a great way for them to learn about cool landmarks and places around the world, good nutrition habits and how to look after themselves. It’s a win/win. So this is my message to the bosses at Get The World Moving Limited: There’s an idea. #YoureWelcome #OneStepCloser #ChangeTheWorld

    So I guess you’re all dying to know who won. 
    *Drum roll please*


    Mama on the right (9,843 but still counting coz he fell asleep in my arms after that) 

    Son on the left (10,758)

    Mama 0 – Son 1

    I will keep you posted on the scoreboard. Maybe at the halfway point (if we get there and he doesn’t get bored). 

    In summary:

    What was initially his idea (no matter how small and insignificant it may seem to others) was actually a great idea. All I needed to do was embrace the idea and encourage him. The rest was all him.

    It also means less iPad time for him because he wants to get up and run around. Let’s see what the Queen’s Birthday long weekend brings. This should be interesting. Sometimes he’s quite happy to stay home and play/draw/watch TV or play on his iPad. It would be interesting to see if I can motivate him to play sport and be outdoors (especially in this very chilly weather).

    Lastly, without even realising, I completed the challenge I set for myself. Yey! 

    For those who didn’t read the previous post, the challenge was simple ‘Think of something that you could do tomorrow that can change someone’s life?’ Because what we do today, no matter how insignificant it may feel to you and me, it could be a massive change for the future. As my trainer says #BOOM. It really isn’t hard (and doesn’t take much effort) when you think about it. 

    So until next time, 

    Keep smiling!

    – Godly –
    4 June 2015

    *Photo creds: Google Images for GCC logo only



    One winter’s day in Brighton-Le-Sands, I sat at a round table with my colleagues. The room was filled with perhaps ~170 others and I only knew about 40 people. It was a conference. The ones where you are supposed to mingle, network and get out of your natural team environment. I found most people still spent the break times with those they already knew – I know I did. I can’t get out of my comfort zone very easily so I tend to shy away from these things and let people come to me if they want. I’ve kinda always been shy like that. 

    During the break we saw this guy chatting to the organiser and funnily enough my friend thought he was kinda cute.

    Break was over, we all took our seats and then Sebastian Terry gets up on stage. He had the crowd’s attention just from his personality and perhaps his looks played a small part. But then it got serious. He spoke about his friend who passed away suddenly while he (Seb) was travelling. Without taking his story (you have to read the book yourself – it’s interesting) and to cut to the chase, that was when he decided to change his life.

    • To live every day without regrets.
    • To know that if he were to die the next day, that he did all he could to make the most out of life.
    • It’s his version of ‘The Bucket List’.
    • To be happy!

    You can check his story out on 100Things.com.au

    I still remember coming home that day full of life and excitement and saying to hubby “I met someone!” That was my kinda humor. One would think that would mean I was leaving. Lol. But then I pull out my autographed book and said “this is for you.” Seb had signed the book to inspire hubby. I must admit, I was excited to read his book first. I can say I’ve read the first few chapters but unfortunately time has had the better of me and I haven’t been able to sit and read a book in a very long time. I will get to it though. Maybe I should just stop blaming time and just make time.


    “Why is this important to me and you?” – I hear you ask. Well ask yourself this – If you were to die tomorrow, would you be happy with your life?

    I couldn’t say yes to that about a year ago. For many reasons. The big one was because I was just existing. I was not living life to the max. Don’t get me wrong – I would have been happy. I have a beautiful family, a great job, a nice home to call my own but that’s not nearly enough. I didn’t realise my dream was bigger than that. WAY bigger. 

    So in chapters and in no particular order, I will take you on the journey that I have taken so far. I’ve said it before, I’m not here to change people’s mindset or create world peace. I’m not even here to inspire people. I’m doing this purely for a better life for my son in the hope that whatever small change I make now, that the world may be a better place for him in the future.

    Let’s be realistic:

    • We can’t take away pain and suffering.
    • We can’t stop natural disasters or humans from getting sick.
    • Or worse still – from killing each other.

    But I think, we can all do something today that makes someone’s life better. I’m not talking about a random act of kindness. I’m thinking bigger. I am no saint. Don’t take my name the wrong way. This is not a religious cult or preacher-type blog. This is just how I feel.

    The thing I find is I’m learning something about myself along the way. And the biggest thing I learnt was it’s never too late. Clichè I know – but so powerful!

    So, I challenge you to think of something that you could do tomorrow that can change someone’s life? It could be a stranger, your friend or a family member.

    It’s kind of a smaller version of Neil Armstrong’s quote

    “This is one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”

    What we do today, no matter how insignificant it may feel to you and me, it could be a massive change for the future.

    My son learnt a lot about space last year in day care. He even started rapping songs that his educators found on YouTube and the order of the planets in the solar system. I think, if we get it right now, we can really shape the future of tomorrow. Not just his… But for all children.

    The above is my son’s drawing of the solar system and to me, it represents a few things:

    1. Where our future is headed. Neil did walk on the moon back in ’69 but these days people (very, very wealthy people) can buy tickets to see the moon. Imagine what craziness we can do in 2040 and beyond? My son will only be 31 but how mint would it be if they started driving the space cars from The Jetsons? It’s not impossible.
    2. The sky’s the limit. We all know that saying and it’s true. Believe and you can do anything.
    3. History has taught us about dinosaurs and how they lived millions of years ago. That’s also one of my son’s favourite topics. He knows the dinosaur ABC and he’s only 5! What will our children’s great-grand-children be doing in a century’s time. Today (right now) will be their history lessons. Don’t you want to be a part of that? Don’t you want your name on a statue, in a book or on a Wikipedia page? I know I do.

    In summary, living the 100Things way is how I found my life purpose! Which is to help shape the future. One step at a time!

    – Godly – 
    2 June 2015

    My 1st post – Intro


    Amateur blogger here. Please forgive me if I have not done blogging justice. Happy to hear your comments, tips, thoughts, what you want to read about and any blogging etiquette I need to know about.

    I briefly introduced myself in my bio but if you didn’t get to read that first, here’s me in a nutshell. I’m a mother, a wife, a floral student, I like to keep fit and I work full time. That in itself keeps me busy. There are just not enough hours in the day but I do my best to spend the 24 hours given to me, wisely. But that’s just a small part of who I am. Scratch the surface and you’ll see there’s more to it than that. I’m sure you can all relate.

    We live in a generation now where everything is so fast-paced and it’s go-go-go all the time. We need to chill out more. Stop and smell the flowers 🌻🌷. So I hope this light reading let’s you chill a bit as you:-

    • sit on the train on your daily commute;
    • unwind on your fave armchair after a hard day;
    • take a seat at the park bench on your lunch break; or
    • even as you sit on the toilet.

    So to elaborate, I decided to blog for a few reasons:

    1. People have said to me that I should write a blog.
    2. I’m a strong believer in freedom of speech. We all have the right to our own opinion.
    3. I like to explain how and why I feel a certain way.
    4. Lastly, because I’m weird. I have thoughts in my head that people don’t understand. People have their right to say what they want and I’ll take it. But then, I feel the need to explain my side.

    Which leads me to my photo and a quote I think will sum up my bloglife.

    “There are 3 sides to every story. Your side. My side. The truth.”

    This photo was taken on one of our family road trips down south somewhere. It was at a quiet beach just after the Sea Cliff Bridge. I love taking photos to capture the moments in life that we want to remember.

    I’m not creative by any means but I am trying. That’s why I love Instagram. Sometimes all you need is a photo. A caption is rarely needed. But sometimes we need to hashtag coz everyone knows hashtags are mint. I hear that’s another term for ‘cool‘ but I’m yet to hear someone say it.

    So I’ve decided to finally start my blog after what has been a tremendous year for me. My life changed on 15 July 2014. I’ll take you on my journey in bite-sized pieces. Like I said, it’s been a tremendous year and your probably already almost at your stop by now / being called for dinner / finished your lunch break or finished your business on the loo. I will also give you something to think about. Maybe teach you something. And hopefully inspire you. I may only know a little about a lot of things – but the point is this – do what makes you happy! Not what someone else thinks will make you happy. Some of these blogs may be important to you – others may not. Let me know what you think!

    So until next time… Keep warm my fellow Aussies. Winter’s here ❄️⛄️🎿

    P.S. Don’t forget to read my bio for more about me. 💃 To find my bio, click on About me on the yellow banner at the top of the page.

    – Godly –
    2 June 2015