#Godlys100Things – What’s on my list

  1. Join FRNSW
  2. Have my own boutique florist
  3. Base jump off a cliff
  4. To compete in a triathlon
  5. Play stranger soccer with Hamish and Andy
  6. Volunteer
  7. Help a charity
  8. Start a pen pal channel
  9. Get a helicopters licence 
  10. Make a YouTube video go viral
  11. Meet my fave celebrity chefs: Adriano Zumbo, Heston Blumenthal and/or Jamie Oliver
  12. Find someone with the same name as me
  13. Open my own Garra Rufa fish spa
  14. Help raise awareness for #TeamEJ
  15. Participate in a Kettlebell comp
  16. Own a Rolls Royce Phantom
  17. Solo skydive
  18. Write & publish an autobiography
  19. Go on reality TV
  20. Participate in The Amazing Race
  21. Marry my hubby in Las Vegas by Elvis
  22. Jump on the next airplane to anywhere
  23. Save a life
  24. Go hunting
  25. Be a church compeer volunteer
  26. Be part of a flash mob dance
  27. Learn how to surf
  28. Be part of a Medical Research Trial
  29. Be a blogger on life
  30. Build something/make something from scratch
  31. Learn ballroom dancing
  32. Help someone in Singapore
  33. Meet Marques Houston
  34. Learn to play a musical instrument
  35. Be a game show contestant
  36. Travel Australia from east to west by car
  37. Buy something for someone in need
  38. Experience ice fishing
  39. Invent something e.g. app
  40. Do a swimwear photo shoot
  41. Learn to swim
  42. Have something named after me
  43. Take a photo with a quokka at Rottnest Island
  44. To own a black ute/floral ute 
  45. To climb a mountain
  46. Meet Elisa and EJ Patel (and the whole family)
  47. Open up/run a foster home
  48. Help my son be a toy reviewer
  49. Start my own podcast
  50. Open a laundromat
  51. For my son to say he’s grateful to have me as a mum
  52. Run a marathon 
  53. Find someone to train with like @twobadbodies
  54. Eat at a Heston Blumenthal Restaurant (Fat Duck [UK] or Dinner By Heston Blumenthal [Melbourne]
  55. Start a new couple tradition with my husband
  56. Become certified as a tandem skydiving instructor
  57. Take a photography class
  58. Visit Hayman Island
  59. Get my floristry diploma
  60. Go horseback riding
  61. Rollerblade in Germany
  62. Spar in a boxing ring
  63. Fly business class
  64. Be involved at mass
  65. Get married in a church and renew vows every 5 years
  66. Visit one of the 7 wonders of the world and also the Aurora Borealis with my family
  67. Slide down to the ocean in Citta Del Mare in Sicily, Italy
  68. Work/Live in Singapore/overseas
  69. Have the same muscle tone as the Instagram photo
  70. Create an awareness channel
  71. Get a gun license with my husband
  72. Learn to drive a manual car
  73. Become a foster parent
  74. Start a siesta movement in Australia
  75. International Group Trip with Sebastian Terry
  76. Own a Store
  77. Get a casual archery licence
  78. To be on the Ultimate Beastmaster
  79. Perform at a stand up comedy routine at an Open Mic
  80. Bring my website idea to reality lol
  81. Buy something gold and chocolate truffles in Dubai
  82. Climb Mount Maunaganui, NZ
  83. Sing “Empire State of Mind” by Alicia Keys in New York 
  84. Start my legacy
  85. Teach my son something extraordinary
  86. Walk the red carpet 
  87. Take a photo at the Leaning Tower of Pisa
  88. Be involved at my son’s school
  89. Play in a poker tournament 
  90. Dig for dinosaur fossils with my son
  91. Meet Floyd Mayweather
  92. Go on Masterchef
  93. Walk/Run the Bondi to Bronte
  94. Watch a fight with my husband
  95. My husband’s choice: Kill a spider
  96. Attend an ANZAC dawn service
  97. Run the tough mudder
  98. Go on Live TV
  99. Learn to ride a bike
  100. Meet up with Seb on the 100th thing

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