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No Regrets

It’s been a while since I last published anything. But I won’t bore you with the details – I’m here now. 

Today, I am at a stage in my life where I am trying to find my feet again.

4.5 years ago I was given an opportunity. And as I reflect back on it now, I realise that I didn’t make the most of that opportunity; and now I’m left with a bitter taste in my mouth. 

A bitter taste of regret. 



Feel sad, repentant or disappointed over (something that one has or failed to do).

That ‘opportunity‘ pill is sure hard to swallow with that tall glass of ‘regret‘ on ice, sitting on that coaster called ‘life‘.

When you know you messed up and now you just have to pick up the pieces and start again. And you’re trying to stay positive when you’re really just miserable

Well, I guess I can sit here and just keep being miserable; and blame myself and others; and do nothing new tomorrow to change. But I won’t. 

You know why? Because tomorrow is a new day to be better than I was today! If I tell my son that, I should probably live up to it and follow my own ‘words of wisdom‘ (so they call it).

I don’t like to talk too much ‘crap’ and not actually come through with the goods. So I don’t want to say too much right now – But I know what I’m thinking when say this and this is only a personal goal I’ll keep between my family. But as of right now, I will train my mind & body for this new career that I just recently discovered I want to pursue. And the hardest part about this “challenge” is that it’s practically impossible for me to get into, because:

– I’m 34 and I’m getting a little on the ‘old’ side to be starting a new career;

– I’m nowhere near fit enough to do the physical aspects of the role (as much as I like to flex my guns) and I have an ankle injury that may not pass the medical assessment;

– They only accept about 120 people out of 7000 applications which is like 1%; and

– People re-apply annually and still haven’t made it in (according to posts I read on Facebook).

But despite the odds, I am going to try anyway. Because for me it ticks all the boxes of a rewarding career. A workplace I could happily go to each day and when I come home, I would be proud! If you can guess it based on the above, I bow down to you. But until I’ve made it in, I won’t tell a soul. For people will just find a way to shoot me down and tell me I can’t do it. And frankly – I don’t want any more negativity in my life! So if you’re gonna be a negative Nancy, you can just stop reading now!

So the beginning of 2017 was kinda up and down. It certainly had its highlights:

With an old friend Ken (introduced in the previous post ironically called ‘Introducing the Sun Chasers’) coming to Australia for a few months and bringing back some crazy adventures into our lives. And this is just his kind of humour… as we stroll through Bombo Headlands looking for a particular ‘rock’.

My nephew Enzo was born and brought some much needed happiness into our lives and on the other end of the birthdays, my mum turned the ripe old age of 75. 

With a slow-healing sprained left ankle (from my soccer injury last year), I still managed to conquer the flying trapeze! Not quite ready to join the circus yet though!

I saw Anh Do re-tell his story “The Happiest Refugee” at the ICC Sydney, with hubby and friends. Anh is such an inspiration to many! This book is a must-read!

Not an easy one to share with the world, but I saw a shrink to try and sort out my ‘issues‘, because I told myself that in 2017, I was going to be bigger and better than I was in 2016. And it may be 6 months into the year, but I’m not ready to give up on myself just yet! Although I’ve definitely wanted to.

I did the Colour Run Night with my family, sister, niece and cousin.

Hubby and I did a couples pottery lesson together!

My son started his own YouTube channel because he watches enough YouTube that he wanted to do his own. See a video of the Colour Run here.

I went skydiving (again) for my birthday! Which used to be my birthday tradition until I became a mum and had to start thinking responsibly. But this delightful surprise from my hubby reinvigorated my goal to become a certified tandem skydiving instructor (number 56 on my #Godlys100Things list).

I saw the Aladdin musical with my son (which was his second musical which is pretty good for a 7 year old). I didn’t see my first musical until I was in my 20’s.

I was finally called for Jury Duty which has been something I’ve always wanted to do (and many others try to avoid) – sadly, I didn’t make the cut. But the e perish even was fun, nonetheless.

We took our first (hopefully the first of many) camping trips as a family, to The Basin Campgrounds.

We bought a new car.

I started yet another new hobby (candle making)… as if I don’t have enough hobbies! And made a few floral arrangements of my own.

And as I scrolled through my camera roll, I honestly had no idea how much I’ve done this year. It’s scary to think that 6 months have gone by but I wouldn’t have been able to recall all those moments if I hadn’t taken a photo of them. 

And the lowlights of 2017, just aren’t worth a mention. I’d like to end this post on a positive!

So now as my goal for 2017 remains, I now look forward to the next 6 months with a newfound focus! Although unrealistic and very likely unachievable, I will give it my best shot. Because, right now, my career is my next target! Because everything else in my life is doing OK! And I’m happy with OK because there’s always another day to make it better than yesterday!


With all my heart

It was a cold winter but that did not stop me from being active. The cold weather is a good excuse to let yourself go for a few months and kind of hibernate like animals do. But not me.

I can’t take all the credit though, I owe it to a few people; Get The World Moving guys (aka The Global Corporate Challenge/GCC), my colleagues who participated and my 5.5 year old son who decided to join me on my 100 day journey. This is explained further in my Challenge Complete and The BEST Ever 3 posts!

My son is a champion. He joined me after the first week and surprised me – he completed the whole other 92 days with me. We challenged each other daily and he remained enthusiastic for the duration. I must admit, I didn’t think he’d last a month. Kids don’t usually have a long attention span but I was proven wrong. In that 92 days he managed to beat me on 65 of the days. That’s 70% of the time! His personal best was 21,770 steps! My personal best was 24,439 which was definitely not easy to do, especially when my daily target was 10K. Some days I wouldn’t even get anywhere near that. 

The best part about doing it with my son is that even though our GCC pulse devices are now off, we have managed to remain active long after the 100 days was over. With the weather warming up in Sydney, and the days getting longer due to daylight savings, we are trying to be as active as possible. I hope I have somehow inspired him to do more than play on the PS4, use his iPad or be a couch potato. 

Some other exciting news is that during this time as well my blog was read by the Founder & President of the Get The World Moving organisation, Glenn Riseley. I may have emailed him but that’s beside the point. He still read it and even better, he acknowledged it. And the best part is, I spoke to him personally over the phone about my idea and he also featured my blog on the GCC website! Turns out my idea was already trialled by them and sadly, the government were not on board so it didn’t get far. But this didn’t stop me. I thought outside the square and decided to still try this in my local community – my son’s school.

My purpose in life is to help shape the future; one step at a time. This is one of those steps. 

So I spoke to the School Principal about my idea and he said to email him some details and that he would discuss it with his executive team. I put my heart on that email and hit send. Unfortunately though, it hasn’t gone ahead. That was my 2nd stumble on a hurdle. I’m still not giving up.

Even though my ideas have not gotten far, I decided to try my colleagues. I used our internal social media outlet (our version of Twitter) to send a message to those who participated in the GCC. I asked for help with my community project by requesting anyone’s spare GCC pulse devices. Slightly deflated after the first 2 flops, I must admit, I wasn’t expecting anything to come out of this exercise but I was again happily surprised. I managed to get about 40 GCC pulse devices. Not the 700 that I needed for the school but it was a start.

So my little community project lives on. This in itself was a lot of work and took time but I’m so glad I did it. I will not stop. I will find a way to make this happen. #WatchThisSpace

The moral of the story is this (and I am taking this from Entrepreneur/Life Coach, Jonathan Doyle). You don’t need a bunch of ideas, you just need one idea that you’re willing to commit to! And I will keep trying – somehow I will find a way to get this up and running. Even if it’s just in my local community. I may not have all the money in the world to buy the tools I need to make things happen; or all the cool ideas or gadgets; or even the 1000’s of followers on my social media to get the exposure I need, but my heart is in this and that’s gotta count for something.

The BEST Ever! Part 4

I haven’t been my best lately, as I have been unwell for almost a week. But life must go on. I still had to pick up my son from school so I rolled out of bed, grabbed my keys and left the house in my batman onesie (without thinking twice).

So as I walked to the school, a lot of things crossed my mind:

  • What will others think? 
  • What will the kids at school think? 
  • Will my son be embarrassed?
  • Will being myself have negative repercussions to him at school?
  • Will kids tease him because of my actions? 
  • Am I being selfish by not coming to school like a normal parent?

I realized that it was too late to think about what others would think and instead just think about my own beliefs.

In that moment, I thought only about 2 things:

  1. What matters to me; and
  2. What matters to my son.

What matters to me is that I am being myself. Regardless of what anybody else sees, I am happy to walk the streets in my batman onesie. I am different. But I am me. Wearing this outfit doesn’t mean I am trying to be the centre of attention. It just means I’m confident and comfortable.

Just before I walked to school, I grabbed a coffee to keep warm and my barista asked me “do you get looks wearing that?” Of course I do but I don’t care about what people think. She smiled and said “it’s ok to be different” and I replied “it’s ok to be yourself”.

Secondly, what my son thinks is the most important. When he saw me, he was happy and wanted to hug me. 

As soon as we had a quiet moment to chat, I asked him how he felt about me wearing my onesie to his school. He said happy. Then he said “and a little bit jealous.” I asked why he was happy and jealous. He said he was happy because he loved me. And jealous because he wasn’t wearing his one. #Twinning

I’m not sure he knows the feeling of embarrassment yet so I explained that too. I was worried he felt embarrassed. 

I never really thought about him being teased because of me. It was a selfish move on my part but one I don’t regret because I was able to explain this to my son by leading by example. 

I gave him some examples of things that kids may say to him at school tomorrow because of what they saw today. And I explained how to deal with each example.

We can’t always protect our kids (like when they are at school) but we (as parents) must be there to teach them along the way. I have to show him that he can be whoever he wants to be and to never let any one change him. 

I struggled as a teen to deal with kids who teased and bullied me for being different. To this day, I still remember the feeling when I let these people hurt me. I let them change me because I just wanted to fit in. I won’t let this happen to my son.

The message here is “Don’t change who you are. Instead surround yourself with the people that reflect who you want to be and how you want to feel!” #SurroundYourself
It takes me back to the old saying “sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me”. 

Personally that didn’t ring true for me but I learnt that lesson later in life and now I just need to raise my son to be confident in himself regardless of what the world will say to him. 

Just because someone says something, doesn’t mean it’s true!

You must believe in yourself and be the best ever!

– Godly –

16 July 2015

The BEST Ever! Part 2


Godly’s Corner was born because I was confident enough to voice my opinion and beliefs to the world. We all have an opinion and we are all entitled to them. Some people will voice them, some will write them (by this I mean, comments on social media, whether on their own or on someone else’s posts) , some will only share it with their nearest & dearest, some will mutter it to themselves and some will not say anything at all. 

We were all born different for a reason. Because the world would be boring if we all agreed with each other. There wouldn’t be competition against teams, there’d be no need for politicians and laws and we would all be like robots.

Some of us were born leaders, some born to be champions, some were born as kings and queens. On the flip side, sadly some were born without the same privileges that others have, some did not live nearly long enough to experience life in its entirety and some just lived to exist. 

I believe that today is the best day to do what you want! Yesterday has been and gone. You can’t keep looking back hoping you did things differently. Tomorrow may never come. So today, you have to learn from the past to be able to move forward.

I believe that today I am the best ever version of myself. I bring my best today and everyday! It won’t be perfect. I will make mistakes and I will have regrets. But I will learn from all of those things to keep improving. Don’t get me wrong, I have bad days too (just like everyone else). I just refuse to dwell on it. 

So even though someone doesn’t agree with you, this does not make them right. Heck – it doesn’t mean you’re right either. But it shouldn’t stop you. Be more of you and express yourself. Have your say. Live your life. YOLO.

Which brings me to Floyd Mayweather.

Some people don’t agree with him. Some people do. But who cares? Why are you hating on other people? When there’s YOU to live for? 

It’s like – if you don’t like chocolate, but you don’t like people who eat it. So you hate on them. Well hello?? Someone likes chocolate! Why do you have to care if they eat it and don’t get fat? Just eat that fruit that you love and be happy! Why do you have to comment and say “I hate people who eat whatever they want but don’t gain weight – whereas I just look at it and gain 2kgs”? What purpose does that comment serve? Nothing! Your opinion is valid. But doesn’t do anything for anyone! 

Consider this… Instead just do what makes you happy and be proud! “I love mangoes. They are so refreshing!” Now that positive comment says to the listener “hmmm, maybe I should eat a mango!” Again, your opinion is valid and I ask the same question – What does that opinion do for anyone? A LOT actually. You’ve encouraged someone to make a healthy choice! To try something new! 

So today, when you’re out there living your life… Do just that! Live your life. Be the best ever version of you and you will radiate that same positive vibe to the world. Is there anything wrong with that? Nope. You get to be happy. That makes others happy.

It’s like the saying “Happy wife – Happy life.”

Perhaps we could start a new one… “I’m happy when you’re happy!”


To be continued…

*Broken into parts because I have a lot to say. In the interest of keeping these short… This was necessary.

– Godly –
12 July 2015

The BEST Ever! Part 1


Let me take you to the beginning for a moment. Not when I was a baby, that’s too far back! I mean just where I’ve been until now…

I spent my childhood in a place where dreams were not everyone’s cup of tea. A suburb in Western Sydney that people now call ‘Struggle Street’.

Let me paint you a little picture… In the U.S.A., you may call it the Bronx (like J-Lo’s song Jenny from the Block), Michelle Pfeiffer made a movie called ‘Dangerous Minds’ which I could relate to, kids in my school were pregnant at 16, when you say you’re from Mt Druitt people say ‘really?’ because they have this stereotype of people from this neck of the woods and overall this area gets a bad name. Hence the recent SBS documentary, cleverly titled ‘Struggle Street’. 

I started working from the Australian legal age of 14 & 9 months at a local Chicken Shop to pay for cigarettes, alcohol, petrol and my Nissan Pulsar ’84. After finishing high school in 2001, I decided to move in with my boyfriend (now husband) and his family and get straight into the workforce. 

I went to school purely to finish my Higher School Certificate and had no intention of going to Uni or studying further. I had no interest in anything in particular back then (except my boyfriend.)

This basic education limited my ability to get a real job because of my lack of any qualification. The only thing I had was my strong work ethic.

This meant I chopped and changed jobs about 12 times. The shortest job was 8 hours. The longest was 6 years. I went from any job known to man that didn’t need a qualification; from the local take away chicken shop, food truck, cafe, retail shopkeeper, receptionist, IT, child care, insurance, debt collection, back to insurance and now a team assistant. Now this is the result of someone who didn’t take their education seriously. [Take note school kids].

But this also made me the person I am today by the jobs I’ve had, experiences in these jobs and more importantly, the people I’ve worked with who helped shape the person I am today! My colleagues and my bosses (who were not always the most supportive) have been my mentors and taught me a lot about life and myself. My colleagues and many are now life long friends were the ones who I shared my thoughts with, who I vent to, share lunches with and we always went shopping together. There weren’t always good people influencing me. Sometimes, I came across people who were no good and even managers and these people made me stronger. I believe that people cross your path for a reason. There is always a reason! Make sure you pay attention to that reason.

That’s my life in a nutshell. My life, my journey, my future will all be revealed in my blog.

Now this brings me to today.

I have strong beliefs and I will voice them if I feel the need. My friends and family, won’t always agree and will set me straight too. If they weren’t my real friends, they would shut their mouth in front of me and laugh behind my back.

Only recently have I discovered my purpose in life and my path. I am now well on my way. I am happier everyday. Appreciating all the blessings in my life.

As you now know, I haven’t always been blessed. I have had some really tough experiences in my life and those will make their way to my blog in time. I’ve got as long as I have left to live, to share with you all. If my time comes too soon – then so be it – but I will die happy.

Recently the world saw the much anticipated fight of the century between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao on the 2nd May 2015. I had no real interest in boxing until this point for 2 reasons:

  1. I like Floyd. [More on this in Part 2]
  2. Manny is Filipino and so am I. Although I like to call myself Aussie.

I jumped on the bandwagon and watched the fight because it was gonna be a good fight! 

The reason I was on TMT that day is because of my beliefs. Despite what people said to me before that fight, that day at the pub and to this day as I wear Floyd’s victory jumper; despite all that, I will hold my head up high and stand up for my beliefs.

For without that, I wouldn’t be true to myself. I would be hiding under a shell pretending to be something I’m not – and I ain’t doing that! I will take the good with the bad. And this is why I chose Godly’s Corner as my blog name (also thanks to my husband for the suggestion). I chose it because of the boxing analogy. This is me in my blue corner. You (the world) are in the red corner.

Hit me with your best shot!

To be continued…

*Broken into parts because I have a lot to say. In the interest of keeping these short… This was necessary.

– Godly –
1 July 2015

What colour are your undies?

Don’t tell me. I actually don’t want to know. TMI. Sometimes people overshare on social media without even realising it. It’s simply too easy to just post a photo (with or without a caption), tweet your innermost feelings or comment on someone else’s post. 

But have you ever considered whether your friends, family, colleagues, followers, or the world (if your profile is public) want to know what your doing/eating/feeling, what your kids are wearing/saying/learning??? I have to admit that I have done this and I have learnt some lessons along the way. Just by talking to people, I’ve learnt that:

  1. One photo of my son is enough.
  2. I need to protect my son’s identity from the world (as much as I can). More about this later.
  3. Only 50% of my followers appreciate #FoodPorn.

This topic will divide you all. You will either agree or disagree. 

The point of this is to let you see it from my corner. Put yourself in my shoes for one moment – just for this example. You are a mother of a young boy. 

I’m going to use the worst possible situation here for your own sake. Suppose your son later down the track becomes the victim of a pedophile ring. They see his photo on the Internet and one day you find out it was that photo you took at the beach. 

How would you feel? Angry. Scared. Disappointed in yourself. And many other emotions I’m sure. 

You will possibly start to question your actions. Why did I post that cute photo of him at the beach? It was innocent and you just wanted to capture that moment of his life. It was harmless in your eyes. A cute photo for your friends to see. But what about the rest of the world? Once you put it out there – it’s no longer just yours. You have given every man and his dog permission to use that photo for whatever purpose they like. This is obviously (to me) the worst possible scenario and one I never ever want to experience or wish on anybody. I am simply putting it out there so that we can consider one thing – our actions have consequences. Something I’m teaching my son right now. 

And if you have noticed, I have never posted my families names on my blog for this reason – to protect their privacy. I have also never posted their faces. My Instagram is private and I am selective of the people I allow to view them because at one stage (back when I wasn’t thinking straight) I was that mum posting constant photos of my son on Instagram. Now, I don’t want to take the photos off because to me, my Instagram serves 2 purposes.

  1. To capture my life in photos.
  2. To record my journey .

My life has been pretty up and down and I want to show these photos to my son when he’s old enough to fully understand. But now I must pick and choose who can view those posts from way back when.

I once asked a group of friends if my posts are OTT. I had some say it’s ok. Some like them and some say, there were a lot of photos of my son. Not necessarily a bad thing, but depending on the people, it may have been too much. And then the other day, someone posted a statement, which was so relevant to this topic, which read

I agree with Jonathan Doyle. No one cares. I mean your friends might like them but that doesn’t mean they care. Naturally the first comment on the post said “Are you serious?” Lol. This comment can be read however you want. My interpretation is that this person is a parent and is offended. Mainly because they don’t agree. Or if you’re thinking is like mine, you would say “are you serious? Oh dear. You’re right. Does anyone actually care?”

There are so many other reasons why I don’t show his full face on Instagram anymore. Apart from the obvious and worst possible reason mentioned above (which I don’t want to repeat), these are the other reasons:

  • I want to protect him from negative things on social media. You cannot control what comment someone may say in response to your post. You’ve allowed them access to your photos so you have to bear the comments whether positive or negative. 
  • He has a right to grow up without being labelled by others and the possibility of cyber bullying. People easily hide behind their keyboards and say whatever they want because no one can stop them! 
  • Out of respect for my husband, who requested that I don’t advertise him to the world. At first, I was hesitant about his request. I thought, he doesn’t understand social media because he doesn’t have any accounts. Doesn’t he trust my judgement?

I had my profile set to public and wanted followers. I had him on almost every photo and wanted him to be famous because I believed he was camera perfect. He’s got charisma. He’s got swag. He’s smart. I asked myself – ‘But how can he be famous if my profile is private?’ Despite my beliefs – I trust my husband and now finally see why he wanted it this way. If my son was meant to be famous, that will come naturally. I should not groom him and put him out there without his permission. I may find out later when he starts high school, that he’s embarrassed by these photos. Which will only result in possible bullying and he may later hate me for showing the world his fave toys from when he was 4. 

I’ve come to realise that life will take the course it is supposed to take but in the meantime, just be conscious of what your sharing. 

Does everyone really need to know what you ate for breakfast? #FoodPorn

Do they really care that your son just graduated day care? #ProudMum

Who really wants to know what you’re wearing today? #OOTD

Or the colour of your undies? #TMI 

Just remember that your actions have consequences. What you post now (e.g. A selfie at the beach when you’ve chucked a sickie from work) may some how come back to bite you in the butt. #JustSayin

– Godly –
19 June 2015