The BEST Ever! Part 4

I haven’t been my best lately, as I have been unwell for almost a week. But life must go on. I still had to pick up my son from school so I rolled out of bed, grabbed my keys and left the house in my batman onesie (without thinking twice).

So as I walked to the school, a lot of things crossed my mind:

  • What will others think? 
  • What will the kids at school think? 
  • Will my son be embarrassed?
  • Will being myself have negative repercussions to him at school?
  • Will kids tease him because of my actions? 
  • Am I being selfish by not coming to school like a normal parent?

I realized that it was too late to think about what others would think and instead just think about my own beliefs.

In that moment, I thought only about 2 things:

  1. What matters to me; and
  2. What matters to my son.

What matters to me is that I am being myself. Regardless of what anybody else sees, I am happy to walk the streets in my batman onesie. I am different. But I am me. Wearing this outfit doesn’t mean I am trying to be the centre of attention. It just means I’m confident and comfortable.

Just before I walked to school, I grabbed a coffee to keep warm and my barista asked me “do you get looks wearing that?” Of course I do but I don’t care about what people think. She smiled and said “it’s ok to be different” and I replied “it’s ok to be yourself”.

Secondly, what my son thinks is the most important. When he saw me, he was happy and wanted to hug me. 

As soon as we had a quiet moment to chat, I asked him how he felt about me wearing my onesie to his school. He said happy. Then he said “and a little bit jealous.” I asked why he was happy and jealous. He said he was happy because he loved me. And jealous because he wasn’t wearing his one. #Twinning

I’m not sure he knows the feeling of embarrassment yet so I explained that too. I was worried he felt embarrassed. 

I never really thought about him being teased because of me. It was a selfish move on my part but one I don’t regret because I was able to explain this to my son by leading by example. 

I gave him some examples of things that kids may say to him at school tomorrow because of what they saw today. And I explained how to deal with each example.

We can’t always protect our kids (like when they are at school) but we (as parents) must be there to teach them along the way. I have to show him that he can be whoever he wants to be and to never let any one change him. 

I struggled as a teen to deal with kids who teased and bullied me for being different. To this day, I still remember the feeling when I let these people hurt me. I let them change me because I just wanted to fit in. I won’t let this happen to my son.

The message here is “Don’t change who you are. Instead surround yourself with the people that reflect who you want to be and how you want to feel!” #SurroundYourself
It takes me back to the old saying “sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me”. 

Personally that didn’t ring true for me but I learnt that lesson later in life and now I just need to raise my son to be confident in himself regardless of what the world will say to him. 

Just because someone says something, doesn’t mean it’s true!

You must believe in yourself and be the best ever!

– Godly –

16 July 2015


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