Challenge complete



The whole world must know what I’m about to blog about because it’s not called the Global Corporate Challenge (GCC) for nothing. 

Ok – not the most interesting topic (for some) but I think it’s a good continuation from my last post ‘Change’.

So this is just another one of those global things like the Tough Mudder and The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge etc. 

However, it all comes down to the following:

  1. Our personal interests.
  2. Our choices and what we choose to participate in.
  3. Encouragement from our peers.
  4. What’s trending.
  5. How society portrays things.

The GCC ticked all the boxes for me.

  1. I am interested in looking after myself, being fit and healthy and love a challenge. 
  2. I chose to participate because the GCC covers all of the things I mentioned in point 1.
  3. I chose to participate because my colleagues were doing it (covering points 1 & 2). The best kind of peer pressure. 
  4. This was trending and has been since 2003. But this is the first time I’ve wanted to be involved. Probably because I never really took my health seriously before. A part of me also thinks that my 100Things lifestyle change drove me to do more with life. Read more about it here. #Godlys100Things
  5. Our society encourages getting active which helps reduce unnecessary medical issues later in life, promotes good healthy lifestyles and better food choices. So this movement is a great motivator for the world to get moving as the website suggests. Which leads me to the change I challenged you guys to make in my 2nd blog. 

Moving on (pardon the pun), my son saw my GCC Pulse and asked what it was. As you do when your 5 and a half and curious about everything. Naturally I explain that it’s a device that calculates your steps to encourage you to be ‘active’. I give him an example so he knows what I’m trying to say. He thinks about it and then asks me if he can borrow it while he runs around so he can see how active he is. I let him borrow it then he asks if he can borrow it for longer. I explained that I will need this for winter (as he wouldn’t understand yet the concept of 100 days) and I need it for work. 

As we all know, kids these days are glued to their tablets and/or their parent’s smartphone. Don’t get me wrong, they are a great tool for keeping kids quiet in restaurants, in the car or even at home while the adults watch TV or go about their day. But we all know the difficulty of getting kids off such devices when they’ve been on for too long or it’s time for dinner/bed/homework etc. 

So this gives me an idea. I was given 2 GCC Pulse devices for the GCC, so I thought, why not give one to him? So I come home from work yesterday and I say “guess what I have for you?” Immediately you can see the excitement in his eyes. I lift up my top slightly and show him the 2 GCC Pulse devices clipped onto my pants. His eyes light up. Wow – I was happy that he was happy. There was a 50/50 chance that he would be disappointed because he was expecting a toy or chocolate or something. But I got the complete opposite reaction. I was overjoyed. So I explained the reset button and the rules of our ‘game’. There was only one rule – who can have the highest number at the end of the day! Pretty simple but he loved it. Therefore, I’m happy.

Normally, I would make deals with him (he’s a true negotiator). 

Like for example:

  • If you eat your dinner, you can have dessert.
  • If you finish your homework, you can play on your iPad.
  • If you’re good this week, we can go and visit your friends.

And the deals are endless. The current one being, get 2 awards and I’ll buy that toy you want. And funnily enough on Wednesday as we were walking out of the school gates, he tells me very loudly and proudly, that he got this week’s merit award. #ProudMum

So this game did not require a deal. It was something he wanted. As soon as he got it, he ran around the dining table like how soccer players do when the just scored a goal. Then he tells me he did 38 steps. 

So today was the first day he got to wear it for the full day. I explained it to him again last night and he fully understood. I clipped it on his school pants and this morning when he woke up, I explained it again just one last time (because I really wanted to challenge him and encourage him – in case he forgot he was wearing it). 

Fast forward 8 hours.

I was late for school pick up today as my bus came early and then the next bus was late. But that turned out to be a blessing because naturally he was the last one left. So I ran into his class room, apologised profusely to his teacher who was thankfully very understanding. Then I greeted him with “what’s your step count?” He excitedly looked down and checked. As expected, his was higher than mine. Don’t forget I have a desk job and he’s a kid. I’m not making excuses because I was pretty active today being Thursday Volleyball day so I had a higher step count today! But we all know that kids are full of beans and run around all day – so it’s expected that they have a higher step count. The silver lining here was his teacher saw the great work he did and also the encouragement I’ve provided him.

I hope that maybe there can be a GCC for kids – what a great idea that would be. I mean, it’s not hard. Same concept right? Nothing changes. Except the amount of GCC Pulse devices that are manufactured. Kids all have the resources available to update their steps and they are all tech savvy enough to set mini leagues with their friends. It would also be a great way for them to learn about cool landmarks and places around the world, good nutrition habits and how to look after themselves. It’s a win/win. So this is my message to the bosses at Get The World Moving Limited: There’s an idea. #YoureWelcome #OneStepCloser #ChangeTheWorld

So I guess you’re all dying to know who won. 
*Drum roll please*


Mama on the right (9,843 but still counting coz he fell asleep in my arms after that) 

Son on the left (10,758)

Mama 0 – Son 1

I will keep you posted on the scoreboard. Maybe at the halfway point (if we get there and he doesn’t get bored). 

In summary:

What was initially his idea (no matter how small and insignificant it may seem to others) was actually a great idea. All I needed to do was embrace the idea and encourage him. The rest was all him.

It also means less iPad time for him because he wants to get up and run around. Let’s see what the Queen’s Birthday long weekend brings. This should be interesting. Sometimes he’s quite happy to stay home and play/draw/watch TV or play on his iPad. It would be interesting to see if I can motivate him to play sport and be outdoors (especially in this very chilly weather).

Lastly, without even realising, I completed the challenge I set for myself. Yey! 

For those who didn’t read the previous post, the challenge was simple ‘Think of something that you could do tomorrow that can change someone’s life?’ Because what we do today, no matter how insignificant it may feel to you and me, it could be a massive change for the future. As my trainer says #BOOM. It really isn’t hard (and doesn’t take much effort) when you think about it. 

So until next time, 

Keep smiling!

– Godly –
4 June 2015

*Photo creds: Google Images for GCC logo only


3 thoughts on “Challenge complete”

  1. I’m very encouraged. As a parent to another this is something every parent can learn and take on board, getting your children involve as a start to a healthier lifestyle.


    1. Thanks Jo. I’m learning from my son every day. I wouldn’t have thought about it if it weren’t for him. I’ll have to run this one by a few people and hopefully I can implement this somehow.


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