My 1st post – Intro


Amateur blogger here. Please forgive me if I have not done blogging justice. Happy to hear your comments, tips, thoughts, what you want to read about and any blogging etiquette I need to know about.

I briefly introduced myself in my bio but if you didn’t get to read that first, here’s me in a nutshell. I’m a mother, a wife, a floral student, I like to keep fit and I work full time. That in itself keeps me busy. There are just not enough hours in the day but I do my best to spend the 24 hours given to me, wisely. But that’s just a small part of who I am. Scratch the surface and you’ll see there’s more to it than that. I’m sure you can all relate.

We live in a generation now where everything is so fast-paced and it’s go-go-go all the time. We need to chill out more. Stop and smell the flowers 🌻🌷. So I hope this light reading let’s you chill a bit as you:-

  • sit on the train on your daily commute;
  • unwind on your fave armchair after a hard day;
  • take a seat at the park bench on your lunch break; or
  • even as you sit on the toilet.

So to elaborate, I decided to blog for a few reasons:

  1. People have said to me that I should write a blog.
  2. I’m a strong believer in freedom of speech. We all have the right to our own opinion.
  3. I like to explain how and why I feel a certain way.
  4. Lastly, because I’m weird. I have thoughts in my head that people don’t understand. People have their right to say what they want and I’ll take it. But then, I feel the need to explain my side.

Which leads me to my photo and a quote I think will sum up my bloglife.

“There are 3 sides to every story. Your side. My side. The truth.”

This photo was taken on one of our family road trips down south somewhere. It was at a quiet beach just after the Sea Cliff Bridge. I love taking photos to capture the moments in life that we want to remember.

I’m not creative by any means but I am trying. That’s why I love Instagram. Sometimes all you need is a photo. A caption is rarely needed. But sometimes we need to hashtag coz everyone knows hashtags are mint. I hear that’s another term for ‘cool‘ but I’m yet to hear someone say it.

So I’ve decided to finally start my blog after what has been a tremendous year for me. My life changed on 15 July 2014. I’ll take you on my journey in bite-sized pieces. Like I said, it’s been a tremendous year and your probably already almost at your stop by now / being called for dinner / finished your lunch break or finished your business on the loo. I will also give you something to think about. Maybe teach you something. And hopefully inspire you. I may only know a little about a lot of things – but the point is this – do what makes you happy! Not what someone else thinks will make you happy. Some of these blogs may be important to you – others may not. Let me know what you think!

So until next time… Keep warm my fellow Aussies. Winter’s here β„οΈβ›„οΈπŸŽΏ

P.S. Don’t forget to read my bio for more about me. πŸ’ƒ To find my bio, click on About me on the yellow banner at the top of the page.

– Godly –
2 June 2015


8 thoughts on “My 1st post – Intro”

  1. Well Done Godly!! I have really enjoyed hearing about your journey and will love to read about it even more, to hear your thoughts and feelings along the way (something you really cant capture in the office, or on a quick lync!)


  2. Amazing distribution to the mind of mankind, I look forward to see your journey as you gradually peel the layers off the life you’re living, your hopes and dreams and sharing that with the world…


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